Prison Fellowship Albania workers stand in solidarity with the people that suffer from the cold. The last few days were bitter freezing cold, and it is not over yet.

These 2 days we had our planned teambuilding retreat in Durres at a location near the sea. In solidarity with the people that suffer from the cold, we decided to jump into the sea. And so we did, and it-was-cold!!!

Thank God we could start with our Winter-Project, with decent food-parcels for 300 families and fire-wood for 75 of the families. But this cold affects so many more people, and we decided we need to support as many of our families as possible.

For that reasons we bought 100 blankets, as we also ordered gas-heaters and wood-burners. Tomorrow we will buy at least 15 gas-burners and 5 woord-stoves.
Together with our chaplains and partner churches we will distribute what is necessary for families of prisoners and vulnerable woman.

It would be fantastic if you would want to express your solidarity with us – jumping in the sea – to help us help the poorest families with wood stoves. You can find all banking details here.

Thank you very much in advance.

We stand in solidarity – you too?
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2 thoughts on “We stand in solidarity – you too?

  • 11/01/2017 at 15:58

    I will find €200 towards this appeal and hand it to you when I am in Tirana later this month.
    Warm regards

    • 12/01/2017 at 05:57

      Richard, as we say here: Je njisi
      It’s wonderful how much we have been able to do so far – it has been in faith that God will provide the money afterwards. And He does, through you and others, wonderful.
      In a study at the team retreat we heard that faith can be read as taking risk – let’s have much faith for 2017.

      God bless


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