The last year we have received several request from all over Europe to help girls and women return back to Albania. These girls have been trafficked for sexual reasons and were forced to work in the sex-industry. barcode traffickingAnd now the different governments have taken measures and send them back to Albania.

Any of those girls and women will have BIG problems at home.
To often we have seen that girls’ own families turn fiercely against them when they want to come home again, because they bring shame over the family. Regardless who’s to blame, the girl is guilty.

We have conducted a program for rehabilitation, to do whatever we can to guarantee a safe return, reconcile with family, help them overcome deep trauma’s and bring them back in society with a job and new friends. Our involvement can last up to a year.
Will you help us realize safe returns for girls and women that have been abused in ways we can not imagine, their personality taken away by traffickers and clients.

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Trafficked Women returning home
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