September 9 we organized a party for the children from our Prisoners Children project – Restored metropol-sept-16-4Childhood – in the age from 8 till 16. The children came from far: Korca and behind, from Tirana and around, from Burrel and even from Peshkopi. Some had to stay a night over because of the distance.

The idea behind this and other events that we organize for our Prisoners Children is to let them experience that they-are-not-alone. More children face the same difficulties like social isolation and hardship because of their parent in prison and they become friends with each other. Over the years they learn that we care for them but more important – our heavenly Father does care a lot for them!Most children came with the leaders of local churches this time. This is a wonderful development, because this shows that the children and their families have become part of the churches, or was we like to state – they have become part of the local family of believers. metropol-sept-16-9


They had a great time, with entertainment, games and encouragement. At the end
they all got a strong backpack filled with school stuff. After that we served a simple lunch.

metropol-sept-16-6We were greatly blessed with the fantastic location, the Metropol Theatre in Tirana and with the contribution of known musicians and also the illusionist Chris Brent. The Theatre and all personal contribution was given for free.

We’re so pleased with this ministry, and we’re grateful to the Finnish organization Fida that finds us donors for this ministry. Also the specific help of partner organizations and individual support to organize celebrations like this is highly appreciated.


They are not alone
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