– A couple is married for over 10 years, and all the time the husband has specifically prohibited his wife to go to church. 3 Years ago the husband is sentenced by absence to prison, and has hidden himself to stay out of the hands of police. Some months ago he has been arrested, and taken to prison.
In prison he has become a regular visitor of our meetings. After some time, he arranged a cellphone for his wife and the first thing he shares with her is: ‘Will you forgive me that I haven’t allowed you to go to church?
You can now go, it’s the best place to be!’
– Elvis, our prison chaplain has asked a friend to come as volunteer with him into prison.
Gjergji, the brother of this new volunteer happens to be in that prison. He is very much opposed to the idea that his brother will come to prison.
He shouts, is almost violent and for many weeks causes lots of problems every time our chaplain brings his volunteer with him in prison.
Gjergji is determined to make his brother stop coming to prison, and that is the reason why he comes to our meetings, including the Prisoners Journey course.
Over the weeks, Gjergji softens and no longer opposes to the coming of his brother. A couple of weeks further, and Gjergji becomes the best help you can imagine inside prison.
He prepares the meeting room, notifies the other inmates to be in time, and even invites other inmates to come learn about the important matters of life.

– Klajdi is no longer allowed to go to school by his father.
But Klajdi is part of our Dream Academy program, and Ilir, our social worker felt very sorry for Klajdi. He decides to go ‘the other mile’.
It appears that the father of Klajdi had unreal expectations about the help he should get. It took several talks and explanations, in which Klajdi’s father allowed Klajdi to go back to school.
Klajdi wants to become an electrician, so Ilir made a plan for rewiring Klajdi’s home, and install this together with Klajdi.
His mom is very pleased with the positive twist in the family’s situation, and has become a regular visitor of the women’s group of our local church-partner.
Love and patience overcomes even the toughest hearts.
Happy with the tireless efforts of the colleagues of Shkbsh Prison Fellowship Albania!!

Testimonies from prison
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