Team Seminar – Last week the Shkbsh-staff set off for a 3 days teambuilding seminar. Some time ago we decided we want to work on a higher professional level, be more accountable and have a bigger impact in Gods Kingdom in Albania.
It was an inspiring time together, whit many learning moments, fun and spiritually growing.
We covered several variations of 1 Pet.3:9: not returning evil for evil or reviling for reviling, but on the contrary blessing, knowing that you were called to this, that you may inherit a blessing.

Partner Meeting Winter Project – By the end of November we had an encouraging meeting with many of our friends and partners about the coming winter and our Winter Project. Through the project we can provide 400 families of prisoners for 4 months with food, fire-wood and help with their electricity bills. An incredible help to survive the long cold winter. With this help the families don’t need to spend their little money on food, but instead they can buy clothes and medicines.

Having a father or mother in prison is aggravating the economic situation for the family. From previous experiences we know that often people do not even have 1 meal per day. We love the fact that our Winterproject is done in close cooperation with local churches. The church members build healthy relations with the families and show them Gods love in action.

Christmas in Prison – Everybody seems to be busy with preparations for Christmas. Also our chaplains and volunteers are thinking for a meaningful program to present to the prisoners.
Being stuck in prison is always difficult, but it hurts especially during the special days of Christmas and New Year.
We won’t spend much on decoration, gastronomic delights and expensive gifts. Well, this is not completely correct…. We speak for the most precious gift of all – The God Child that left His throne in Heaven for-everyone-individually to eventually sacrifice His life for us. How is that nòt an expensive gift.
Your prayers are appreciated to reach out to as many incarcerated men and women as possible.

Dear Friend, Partner and Donor – A special thank you for those that have contributed to our ministry.
Every single day we realise that all our work is made possible by your support. Wether this is financial, practical or spiritual – YOU are crucial for our work.
We are dedicated to make your support count!

May the peace and joy of the Holiday Season be with you all of your days!

Fred Westerink
Shkbsh – Prison Fellowship Albania

Teambuilding went well
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