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“Step over the line…. if you look forward to collaborating with GZB in the coming 4 years” – the whole group stepped over the line.

“Step over the line…. if you have applied for another job these past month :-)” – nobody stepped over the line.

The work of Sh.K.B.Sh., in the prisons and with the families of prisoners, would not be possible without the faithful (financial) support of many partners. One of those partners, the GZB from the Netherlands, has been substantially supporting Sh.K.B.Sh. since 11 years.
On January 25, 2019, the GZB and Sh.K.B.Sh. had a formal kick-off of the new 4-year plan between the two organisations, focused on development of the organisation and specifically the chaplaincy work in prisons. GZB is with Sh.K.B.Sh. in the desire to see a missionary church built in every Albanian prison, and we are grateful for their continuing support to help us realizing this goal.

‘Step over the line’ was one of the activities we did at the kick-off day. We got to know each others staff better, we joined in worship and prayer, we made our core values visible, and we did a training on program evaluation.

If you are with us in our dream as well, you can step over the line by supporting us financially, with prayer or otherwise. We are grateful for your involvement.



Step over the line, with GZB
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