<<Here’s our chaplain Ermal still preaching..>>

In the prison of Rrogozhine we will start next week with a new Prisoners Journey course. A course of 8 weeks about Jesus, the Prisoner.
The interesting part is that the course leader will be Geshti – a prisoner himself! He will be supported by 2 fellow inmates.

What a tremendous development – church in prison gets into it’s shape! We’re happy with this prison that allows our inmates to open ‘church room’ every day, so they have a quiet place to read the Bible and pray for each other – can you imagine this!?

The prison has some other spaces that we may use after they are renovated. That is our next challenge. We hope we will find the necessary sponsors for that.

But aside of all this, we’re happy that inmates teach the other inmates about the life and impact of Jesus Christ. Ain’t that good news!?

Small Steps with Big Impact
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