Winterproject is a program that Shkbsh PFA runs since 2012Winter project 3
For 4 months Food and Wood for families of prisoners.
We work closely with local churches, so the prisoners families can connect with the family of believers.

This year over 30 people accepted Christ, many more started coming to church through the help of over 30 partnering churches.

This is a comment that comes from a grandfather who cares for the children of his son that killed his wife:
.. “now we all have to suffer, myself and the children of my son because everyone is judging us and keeping their heads sideways when we cross the street’..

A church team in the northern Albania visited a family living in deep poverty, their father is in prison. All members cried because of the situation. The children had never seen so much food as this food parcel, and asked if next year they could get another parcel …. Imagine the happiness when they learned that they would receive this much food for 4 months!

Winterproject 1Winter project 4Thank you Mensenkinderen and all your faithful donors!