“When a person gets sentenced to prison, the whole family serves time.”

Dream Academy is a program for children with one or both parents in prison. They often deal with poverty and social exclusion. Read the stories of Eva, Gazi and Adela below.

Dream Academy offers a 4 year program for children of prisoners in the age 13-16 yr, additional to their normal school program.
We provide an educational program with intensive coaching to widen their horizon, increase their career chances and provide opportunities to realize their dreams and become valuable members of the Albanian society. We will be providing Christian values and moral for our Dreamers, and allow them to connect to ‘the family of believers’ through one of the partnering churches.

That’s what we do it for!

Eva’s way leads to the top

Eva is 16 years. Her father was an alcoholic and a violent man, and for that reason he serves time in prison now. Eva and her mother faced fierce poverty for a long time, and it took long to recover from her traumas.
All this did not stop Eva to excel at school, even winning different medals for being the best student! Her dream is to become an economist.
Dream Academy is a perfect fit for her, and Eva is a passionate ‘dreamer’.

Climbing up

Building a future!

Gazi, 16 years, lives with his grandma, who looks after an extended family of 10, with many many psychological problems including his own mother and brothers.
Gazi is a quiet boy and loves to help his family. Due to the bad conditions he lives in, he had to quit school to collect cans, to sell.
When we first met, we could see the hopelessness in his eyes. He said he had never had a single thought for his future.

Gazi is a special and very motivated participant.

A future worth
Adela is 13 years and lives in a small village in southeast Albania. She’s abandoned by her mother and lives with her grandmother. Her father is in prison for 7 years.
Adela is a good student and likes school. Her favorite subject is mathematics.
Adela has to walk 35 minutes to get to school because her family can not afford the 5 minutes drive with the bus.
Dream Academy will help her plan her own future.

The program started in spring 2018 with 30 children (for now) from all over Albania.
We will take them to businesses, parlement, foundations, involve them into events and social activities, universities and lots of studies and personal training.
With the support of local ‘mentors’ we want to encourage and teach the dreamers to become active and responsible citizens.

Eventually all the children will develop their personal dream for their own future, and through Dream Academy we will support them to realize their dream.
This means we will help children to go to university, gain practical experience or help them with a start-up for their (small) business.

Even though the program is supported by FIDA International (www.fida.info) a.o. we still need yóur contribution, to provide practical courses like English, computer skills, cooking etc for Eva, Gazi, Adela and their fellow ‘dreamers’. Eventually they need to go to University or start a small business.They can, if yóu help us!
You can click here to contribute to the Dream Academy and her ‘Dreamers’.

Dream Academy is a program from Shkbsh – Prison Fellowship Albania.
You can contact us here.