shelter in the stadion

November 26 – Albania has been struck by a major earthquake, with over a thousand aftershocks. Many of them severe and devastating. Over 50 deaths and hundreds of wounded people.

Thousands of homes, shops, churches and apartment buildings are seriously damaged and many of them even uninhabitable. And as many families are affected by this tragedy.

Besides the losses of persons, besides the material losses, people are suffering from strong fear from the quakes. At the same time they suffer strongly from lethargy because people do not believe the promises that the government will help to overcome the consequences of the earthquakes.

Much has been done, lot’s of help has been offered, both the government and the Albanians themselves have given care for emergency response. That was good, but in no way sufficient.
Shkbsh Prison Fellowship Albania is preparing for the next phase, a long and painful time in which we will stand next to the people that suffered from losses, damages and difficulties to help them return to normal life again.

Fatmir, father of a family of 4, lost the house he rented for 17 years. The roof, the walls, the floors, everything is shuffled and destroyed.
He has some land to build a new house, perhaps it’s time to have his own home. But he didn’t have the money before to build a home, who will help now?

The house of the family Kurti looks fine. When you give it a closer look, you see that the walls have moved outside. Smaller and bigger cracks, a little whole – there’s no more cohesion and there is a serious risk that the walls and than the roof will suddenly fall down.

living in tents

The aftershocks have caused big trouble. Over a thousand (1.000!!) with many serious ones of force 5 and higher. The government promised help and threatened the people to not repair their homes without an expert-report. If anything will happen in a later stadium, you’ll than be co-responsible. So people have to wait and live in tents.
This means people have to wait for experts to analyse their homes, thousands.

Will you help us? We offer help to the families we know, for the situations where we can make a difference. In fact, where your help can make a difference. Specific, to help people get on their feet again.

If you want to help us providing care, check out our donation page
We have also started a fundraise campaign through JustGiving:

Where do we use your support for:
Heaters, blankets, food parcels, rent-support for people who cannot return to their homes, helping those who lost their jobs, replacing furniture, etc

Thank you for your support. Please keep Albania in your prayers.

Many blessings,

Fred Westerink
exec. director Shkbsh Prison Fellowship Albania

Now that the dust settles
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