We’ve been privileged once more to minister to prisoners, to children with their parents in prison and to vulnerable women from human trafficking and domestic violence. Today my colleagues were conducting our report for the Winter Project for 300 families of prisoners, and we realised that 60% of all our families have established ongoing and stable relations with a local church. Many of them have become followers of Jesus Christ
Last month we organised a Volunteer Training:Efficiency inside Prisons. A great day of learning and sharing experiences. Outside we had a banner as a ‘selfie-spot’

The men are proud with their TPJ certificate

The Prisoners Journey

The Prisoners Journey – TPJ – is a course over 8 weeks that we offer inside many prisons.
People love the interactive way of including all inmates in the story of Jesus the Prisoner. After a slow start for 2017 many new courses have started, and we still see over 50% of the inmates respond positively to the story of Jesus.

Jesus is raised from the dead – shared in the Albanian prisons!

Easter celebration with the women

We just finished a most wonderful time celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ together with the prisoners and prison administration.
Men and women came to accept Christ, and we heard wonderful testimonies. For example Isuf: he used to tease with his cellmates when they asked him to come to church. He always said ‘there’s no river big enough to wash my sins away’. Now he says he realised what Jesus has done for him and shares this good news with his family.

Vulnerable women from human trafficking and domestic violence.

Last year we have supported over 20 women in re-integration into society again. A painful process that takes lots of courage and stamina of everybody involved – the girl or woman herself, family, coaches, church-friends. We’re thankful for our staff who believe in the value of these precious women. Check out our latest video for encouragement make a fresh new start

Moving on..!

This precious work can only continue by the grace of God. He’s the One who gives fruit on all our efforts. And at the same time it is because of your support that this ministry exists, and can do our marvellous work with prisoners, children of prisoners and vulnerable women.
Your financial support makes a huge immediate and lasting difference to the many people our work reaches, and also help connect them with our partners, the local churches, where many have already heard the gospel of Jesus Christ and accepted Him as their personal Saviour.
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And let us not grow weary while doing good – Gal.6:9
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