The title for this news update is from Jeremiah 32, where God corrects the prophet Jeremiah who, fully understandable, lost all hope:

“Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for Me?

At this moment Albania is slowly releasing the strict rules and orders that have helped to keep Albania healthy and safe from Covid 19 victims. All measures of Lockdown, quarantine and closure have led to a minimum of victims.

2019 seems ages ago after the devastating Earthquakes and the Covid crisis at this moment, but I proudly present to you our highly recommended 2019 annual report.
Have a look at our various projects: Church in Prison, see how seriously our teenagers from Dream Academy take their future, inform yourself on our projects for Restored Dignity, Angel Tree, Emergency Aid, etc. For more information on the different programs have a look on our website or send us a message.

Working with Prisoners Families.
Though the Corona crisis and our Lockdown have made our work more complex, our work still goes on:
Thanks to your generous support we are able to help several hundreds of families, first after the earthquake and the winter, and now during the Corona crisis that has left many people without any means of income.

Prisoners going Home
Several of our chaplains have been asked to bring released prisoners back to their home. Some of them were released late in the evening and bringing them back home became a middle of the night adventure.
But the national and local police helped us wonderfully to avoid any Lockdown restrictions.


Listen to what God has done for me…
Yesterday Bledar came to me, bright smiling. He just received a phone call from Halil, a prisoner he had first met 3 months ago. Hallil faced a prison sentence of 20 years for something he ensured us he was innocent of.
Several times the inmates asked for prayer for Halil, even though Hallil didn’t want to come to our courses or meetings. On behalf of Hallil our chaplain had contacted his wife, who had no possibility to meet her husband.
After Hallil was transferred to another prison and the prisons closed because of the Corona crisis, there was no more contact. Until a few moments ago.
Hallil called Bledar, the first one he could think of, and told him:
“Listen to what God has done for me – my sentence has gone to only 2 year. You were the only one who looked after me, and you asked God for His favor over my life. Thank you so much”.

Thank you for being part of our ministry, in whatever form. We’re most grateful with the support we receive which gives us the possibility to do our work.

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Many blessings over you and your loved ones,

Fred Westerink
director Shkbsh Prison Fellowship Albania

Is there anything too hard for Me?
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