Every week in our office we organize a meeting with the girls that come from the center of the reintegration for victims of trafficking. During this time we have many girls visiting our office, and they have the opportunity to hear about the gospel, Jesus and new opportunities for their lives.

It has been a great big blessing to hear the girls picking their favorite verses from the bible and then reading them out loud and giving reasons why they pick exactly those verses.
One of them had chosen Isaia 54:4-8 and told us that now she is not abandoned or desperate anymore, because God is taking care of everything.

Together with our volunteers and the group of girls we have organized a picnic and several meetings in the nature, and in this way the girls felt free to speak out their thoughts and to get to know each other better. One of our beneficiaries that was on the last step of her reintegration process living independently, was left without a houseSchermafbeelding 2016-07-29 om 16.32.36 where to live after a lot of efforts to settle her somewhere; she has now moved to another Christian association.
It’s a blessing to collaborate with other organizations and churches which have supported our ministry.

She’s now preparing to live on her own soon, while developing her new skills and attitude to do so. Please, pray for her, so that she will never return to her old life but to move forward and walk with the Lord always.We went to visit her at her working place and we tried the food that she was preparing. She is growing on her skills every day and after.

Many of our beneficiaries that have benefited from our program who now are looking to seek asylum in Germany, England or elsewhere, have written us to ask for assistance and support in court proceedings regarding the authenticity of their stories, or other needed details.

Other girls/women victims of trafficking or sexual exploitation have asked us for assistance on their repatriation process. While they are aware of stigmatization, disdain and economic difficulties what they will find when they come back, the Human Trafficking Resource Office is a hope for them.

We invite you to be part of the Human Trafficking Resource Office, in any ways it would be convenient for you.
We invite you to pray for specific people and their hard situations; to help and care for the practical needs of our beneficiaries.
We also invite you to host our beneficiaries in your homes during their transitory periods of their lives,
and thus to contribute in any creative ways you can think of being a support for these people.

Human Trafficking Resource Office Ministry
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