National Celebration of the Start of School.
Jeton, 10yrs, runs to me in the back of the hall and shouts: You’ve helped me so much, thank you!!
He has reasons for such enthusiasm; he won 2 prices this morning.
The program for 100 of our ‘Children of Prisoners’ has come to an end. A couple of young volunteers prepared lots of action, a 12 years old street juggler was our special guest, and at the end everybody received a nice school-bag, a beautiful Action-Bible and an Albanian lunch: a plastic plate with potato chips, peanuts and a sandwich – who wouldn’t wanna have that!

Another day at the office we meet Aleks – a young boy who is just released from youth prison. He took part in our course: The Prisoners Journey. Aleks said he had learned a lot. We asked him, what has really changed for you, now that you’re a free man again? Aleks explained: Before I did many silly stuff, stuff that brought me into prison. Now I know that God is there, and He cares for me.
Just 3 days ago some guys came to my working place, and asked if I could hide cannabis in the tires of their car. I could make very good money for a simple job. Before, I would have taken the money, but now I simply walked away.

Shkbsh Prison Fellowship Albania is connected with The Prisoners Journey worldwide, to keep track of our progress and to maximise our motivation!
The Prisoners Journey has now really taken off in Albania – hundreds of men and women have passed the course, and many have expressed their desire to continue learning about the most famous prisoner ever – Jesus Christ. The impact in the lives of those who have gone through the course is notable, and several of the police officers have confirmed the impact on the men’s behaviour. We believe it contributes to a better atmosphere in the prisons and brings changes in the recidivism-rates after men will be released.

Just a couple a days ago we had a wonderful Volunteer Meeting on ‘How to increase our efficiency with the Prisoners Journey’. A great day with lots of interaction and fun. We’re so grateful for all these committed people who come with us into prison and care for the men and women ‘as if chained with them’ Hebr.13:3

Make your interest count
There seems a growing interest in our work from society partners. We have partnership with many churches in the Evangelical Alliance of Albanian Churches (Vush) and a variety of social organizations. This does not restrain the need for foreign partners. As you have shown your interest in the prison ministry before, I ask you to continue to be with us. We need your prayers, your practical support and advocacy.

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How ministry can be a joy!
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4 thoughts on “How ministry can be a joy!

  • 27/09/2017 at 23:33

    wow this is all amazing work! Thank you for this precious ministry!
    God bless you all!

  • 28/09/2017 at 06:46

    Wonderful to read impact stories in your web. May the good Lord, bless the staff of shkbsh. You guys are doing HIS ministry to the most vulnerable people. Sina at times updates me on Albania work.

  • 28/09/2017 at 11:08

    Fred..this is so very encouraging..well done. Had you thought of sending this to Gerti, or shall I?

    • 28/09/2017 at 15:06

      Dear Anthony, thanks for your positive words.
      If you would forward the message, since I only have Genti’s phone nr.



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