Yóur support is an important part of our ministry.
Your contribution allows us to use it for various reasons, eg. for a prisoner that needs medicines, money for children to visit their father in prison, a family in devastating living conditions, the rent for a victim of human trafficking – your help is highly appreciated!
You can also specify your support for one of the programs of Shkbsh Prison Fellowship Albania.

Shkbsh Prison Fellowship Albania has opened a special account on JustGiving.com for international donations with only small commissions – Donate Here NOW

Our Albanian bank account:

Account Name:Sh.K.B.Sh. – P.F.A.
Bank Name:Union Bank
Bank Address:Bulevardi Zogu 1, Tirana Albania
SWIFT for all accounts: UNALALTRxxx
Account number for EURO111233865020123
IBAN EUROAL46214115080 111233865020123
Account number USD:111233865020145
IBAN USD:AL34214115080 111233865020145

Please consider a monthly or 3 monthly donation, which would help us tremendously to cover those many unexpected emergency responses for the people we serve and  that never fit in any project.

Tax Deductable Donations
You can send your tax-deductable donations via:
* our DUTCH Partner Gevangenenzorg Albania by clicking here
* our UK partner for fundraising JustGiving by clicking here

Shkbsh PFA has official auditors verify our finances for almost 10 years. Our partners annually receive the full report.