In 2009 Sh.K.B.Sh. opened a Hair and Beauty shop SHARM – a social business to provide workshops for Sharm gift cardsfemale prisoners, and a place for traineeship for victims of trafficking. After a difficult start, we reached the point of break-even. Suddenly the government – the Albanian Tax Office started fining us for the most ridiculous reasons. This was 2012.
We had to suspend the business and we went to court with the Tax Offices, and we won our court case. And the second court case. AND the THIRD court case. The tax office was even forced to reimburse our court fees – which they never did!

We’re almost 4 years further now, and the government keeps fining us, blocking our bank account, forcing us to spent money and time on their unfair businesses. Money and time that we can not spend than on the ministry.
We need to close this endless story.For this reason we hired a reliable liquidator.
Even though we already payed various fines and unexpected fees, all bills and fines together will cost us again 5,460 euro.

I’m asking you to seriously consider this request to end this burdening situation, and if you can and want to, help us with your contribution.

Here’s how you can help

Help us stop the Injustice
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