‘For the least, the last and the lost’
We reach out to prisoners, their children and their families as a direct answer to Gods Word to look after the prisoners. This is even part of Jesus personal identification, why He came to earth – Luke 4:18, 19

Last month I was at the bi-annual Prison Fellowship International seminar and I am still deeply impressed! I heard so many appealing stories from my PF colleagues.

I didn’t want to go into prisons.. The lady that told this is for many years now the leader of the flourishing and surprisingly blessed national prison ministry in the Czech Republic.

PFI meeting for Europe and Central Asia

I want to tell my grandchildren ..
I want to tell my own grandchildren that we were able to help children of prisoners in all parts of the world. This is how PFI’s CEO convinced the board to start a sponsor program to rescue prisoners children from crime, abuse and violence, and to restore and re-build their lives.
The man is not a grandfather yet! The program now runs in 12 countries.

God at work
Since the elections of last June the political situation in Albania has not quite established yet. People have been appointed in governmental positions and have been replaced again while others are still waiting until they are going to be replaced. Regardless this insecure times, Shkbsh has had the ongoing support of the National Directory for Albanian Prisons to continue our ministry. We’ve been able to continue renovation projects, could bring in groups for different types of support and continued our program with The Prisoners Journey.

We would leave them the keys of prison …
2 Of my colleagues went into prison of Rrogozhine for TPJ certification, and a policeman told them: ‘if all prisoners were like yours (men that take part in The Prisoner Journey) we would leave them the keys and go home’.
The certification went very well!

Testimony – One of the graduates of The Prisoners Journey told that he takes encouragement especially from the book of Psalms, like psalm 25:
Good and upright is the Lord, therefore He teaches sinners in the way.

Winter project and Angel Tree
Soon we will start with practical aid for hundreds of the poorest families of prisoners to make it through the winter. We will also get started with the Angel Tree program, presents for again hundreds of children of prisoners. And for both these programs we have the selfless support of tens of local churches all over Albania.
Please pray that through these programs we can show the love of our Heavenly Father to the people mentioned in the first sentence of this newsletter: the least, the last and the lost.

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May God bless you and grant you wisdom and mercy for the coming period.
On behalf of Shkbsh – Prison Fellowship Albania,

Fred Westerink
Tirana, Albania

God is at work in Albania
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