Prisoners in Albania spend their day in seemingly endless dullness.
There is hardly any offer for the inmates for entertainment, study or activity.
For that reason we have conducted a program that we will offer in few different prisons, (as a starter) – Ending the Emptiness
Our plan is to offer an activation program based on Writing.
  1. Writing is an activity easy to organize
  2. The program can easily be implemented in following prisons. We want to start in at least 5, 6 prisons.
  3. It’s relatively easy to provide writing materials after our direct involvement ends – we want inmates to continue writing in the way they prefer.
  4. Writing ‘opens doors’ for inmates to new areas to imagine, to reflect on, to explore
  5. We will pay extra attention on (restoring) family relations during our activation period
  6. As a closure we will ask inmates to write their opinion on topics that we will collect:
    • The collected writings we will use to print 2 booklets to be used to publish in Albanian language
    • These books are going to be distributed inside the prisons, as an encouragement for the inmates
    • The books will also be used for the Albanian society to reduce the stigma on imprisonment and prisoners
  7. A collection of the 2 books will be used to be published in English and Dutch for fundraising reasons
  8. The budget needed for this plan is almost 10.000 euro

Now that summer and holidays have started, ‘taking a break from everything and doing nothing’ is the ultimate. Imagine that this is the only way you spend your time – for years!
We want to change this sadness, and your contribution will help us do so.

If you feel like helping us, click here to find ways to send your donation.

Thanks in advance, enjoy your well earned holidays!

Fred Westerink