Our Dream Academy offers 30 teenagers with one of their parents in prison a challenging, enriching educational 4 yr program to find and realise their dreams.
Two of our young boys recently started a vocational education. First they wanted to be famous football players. Now both want to be professionals, famous for their skills!

Xhulio wanted to be a famous football player. Soon after he joined our Dream Academy he threw away this dream – he wants to be a high skilled professional. Working with his hands, delivering quality.
In these pictures you see him assisting our Diakonia coordinator doing electrical installation for another prisoners’ family. It’s great to be able to combine our different programs for the interest of our people.

Other kids are mentored

Growing doesn’t come easy
We’ve found volunteers all over Albania, willing to mentor our youths through an intensive training and learning program that we conducted ourselves. Our ‘Dreamers’ meet on weekly basis and work through the training program and do accordingly homework and study.

Why don’t you join us.
Would you consider sending us a small amount as a token of your gratitude for this year. It’s the season of celebrations, Christmas, Midwinter, Santa Claus, New Year, and what more.
Even if this year hasn’t been thát fabulous, there’s still something you might be grateful for. Share it with our Dreamers, or with families of Prisoners, or for The Prisoners Journey for the inmates in 16 Albanian Prisons – it makes a difference. Because of your gift! |
You can find our bank info here

Be blessed

We are grateful what 2018 has brought to us, workers and volunteers of Shkbsh Prison Fellowship Albania. Personal blessings, continuation of partnerships, blessings in the families we support, many people that have accepted Jesus Christ …. 10.000 reasons for my heart to find.

May God bless you richly during this festive period of the year.
Thank you for your support in any kind. Together we make the difference!

Fred Westerink
director Shkbsh

1 Pe.3:9 .. blessing, knowing that you were called to this, ..

Dream Academy crushes it’s first dreams
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