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The easiest way to make your contribution for our ministry is by using the DONATE tool at the right side of this page. You can choose to have a receipt or to make an anonymous donation.
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Here’s our own Albanian bank account information:

Account Name: Sh.K.B.Sh. – P.F.A.
Bank Name: Union Bank
Bank Address: Bulevardi Zogu 1, Tirana Albania
SWIFT for all accounts: UNALALTRxxx
Account number for EURO 111233865020123
IBAN EURO AL46214115080 111233865020123
Account number USD: 111233865020145
IBAN USD: AL34214115080 111233865020145

Please consider a monthly donation.

Shkbsh PFA has official auditors verify our finances for almost 10 years. Our partners annually receive the full report.

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