I hope this message finds you well, after most of you have finished their summer holidays and regular life has started again.
Personally I’m happy that life’s gone back to normal, even after children’s visits, short trips to the most beautiful places of Albania and great prison events.

Building churches inside prisons.
Just before summer, the staff of Shkbsh PFA had intense discussions about our main program for the last years – building churches in prison! And immediately after, some of our prison chaplains reported great stories:

  • During the absence of prison chaplain Bledar, the prisoners themselves continued to preach the gospel, and painted all the cells of their fellow inmates as a gift to them.
  • Chaplain Elvis told that during his holiday absence the men had continued to gather for church sermon and sharing their faith with each other.
  • There are a couple of inmates that have started to share their faith and the Hope that comes from it with their fellow inmates.

All of this contributes to our main vision for the next coming years:

Building churches in prison

May you arise daily
Through a mighty strength, the invocation of the Trinity,
Through belief in the Threeness,
Through confession of the Oneness
of the Creator of creation. (from st. Patricks breastplate)

Building churches inside prisons
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2 thoughts on “Building churches inside prisons

  • 28/08/2018 at 13:18

    Thank you for this message.
    One of the things I particularly like is the emphasis on focusing on a clear vision.
    Because the vision is identified and shared by our staff it means that it is more likely to be worked towards and realised. Having a clear objective helps give us a strong foundation to work out of.
    May God bless our churches in the prisons!

  • 15/09/2018 at 06:11

    Praise the Lord for all He is doing.
    Keep up the good works SHKBSH!!!


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