Just a year ago, we distributed the Angel Tree cards for Tirana. One card was taken by ‘Orjana’, member of one of the Tirana churches.
Orjana bought a prensent, and went to visit the child and it’s family. They do not live nearby.

After the first visit, ‘Orjana’ continued to go to the family.
This family had lots of needs and difficulties; Two brothers of the family have been arrested and send to prison. One of the boys comes to our services in the prison where he is.

And ‘Orjana’ kept visiting the family, being a friend to all of them, sharing her love for Jesus, and helping with small issues.

Today ‘Orjana’ told us that two daughters of the family have become believers and are regular members of a church near to where they live.
God works wonderful mircales, especially when we show ourselves faithful.

Would you pray for this years’ Angel Tree project?
That all the presents that are bought and brought to the children with a father or mother in prison will bring joy and Hope and the love of our Heavenly Father that once sent His Child to us as the best gift ever.

Angel Tree Project – 1 year ago
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One thought on “Angel Tree Project – 1 year ago

  • 20/12/2017 at 22:35

    Jam shume krenare dhe mirenjohese per punen tuaj te mrekullueshme qe beni me te denuarit dhe familjet e tyre.
    Dashuria, miresia, forca dhe perkushtimi qe ju karakterizojne jane nje inkurajimm per te gjithe ne qe sherbejme ne kete komb.

    Falenderoj Zotin per ju dhe ju falenderoj ju per misionin tuaj aq fisnik.


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