David Brown encouraging his fellow inmates

Easter Celebration in prison.

An Easter miracle:
To Davids’ surprise, he was unexpectedly invited to share a word with his fellow inmates in our Easter celebration. He immediately realised how special that was. He happily shared what he had been reading in his Bible this morning on Good Friday; Words of Hope and how God once delivered His people from Egypt and that Jesus offers personal Freedom now, no matter if one lives inside or outside prison. What a powerful message!

The night before, the light in his cell broke. So he couldn’t read his Bible as he was used to. To his big surprise an electrician entered his cell in the middle of the night (!!) and fixed his lamp. The next morning David was invited to share a message -thàt was why the electrician had to come to his cell in the middle of the night!

Easter sermon in our newly renovated church- Vaqarr

Good cooperation with prison authorities
Over the years we have tried to respect and honour the staff of the prison administration, and we’re more than happy for the good cooperation we have with most of them. So we celebrated Easter in many prisons, and shared the gospel of Hope and Deliverance with many inmates.

The Prisoners Journey
I’d almost say you HAVE to become part of this. What an impact we have through this instrument. The Prisoners Journey is an 8 week course, where we discuss the importance of life by studying the gospel of Mark by the following 3 main questions: Who was Jesus, Why did he come, and What should it matter to me?

First course TPJ

Here are some testimonies of people that went though it:

Indrit: Before the course i was unstable emotionally and psychologically alltogether. I used to see my life with pessimism and i thought that i could never escape my sins. First i came just to change the daily routine, but with the passing of the days, I am clearing my thoughts and i am getting more convinced that God is real.

Kujtim: I used to be locked up in myself and never wanted to participate in events and activities. I thank a lot to the course because to me personally a new window in my heart is opened and from this window is coming inside a holy light that is showing me the right way. The way that God is showing me. I believe that Jesus Christ will change all my life.

We’re counting on yóu!
Shkbsh – Prison Fellowship Albania needs your prayer and support for the work we do.
You can help us have a great impact. With The Prisoners Journey program, and with Diakonia – a practical program for families of prisoners. Helping people taking responsibility over their lives again and connecting them with local churches for positive friends and networks. Your support makes this possible.

Consider these programs as your way to have an impact in these peoples lives!
You can click on this link to make a donation. Don’t leave it for next time, I know I would forget, most probably you will.

May the power of Jesus’ resurrection that raised us to a new and holy life, be with you every moment of the day.
Be blessed,

Fred Westerink
director Shkbsh Prison Fellowship Albania

and to bring freedom to the prisoners
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4 thoughts on “and to bring freedom to the prisoners

  • 10/04/2018 at 11:56

    Bijzonder wat een mooie dingen er gebeuren achter de gevangenismuren! Geweldig dat jullie hoop en licht brengen voor mensen die het zo moeilijk hebben. Gods rijke zegen!

  • 10/04/2018 at 16:48

    Mooi, fijn om te lezen!

  • 10/04/2018 at 21:01

    Nje shebese e bekuar, gezohem shume per kete fryt besnikerie. Zoti ju drejtofte, bekofte shume ne sherbesen tuaj dhe e befte jete me bollek per te gjithe ata te burgosur.

  • 10/04/2018 at 23:15

    amazing post
    please send a scottish blessing to my fellow countryman david brown, we hold on to the faith regardless of circumstance

    john locke


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