Fatmir making everything in order

The office of Fatmir is like a madhouse these days, trying to get everything arranged for the Winter Project that has started – 300 of the poorest families of prisoners will receive food parcels and other support for 4 months in a row.

We’re more than happy that we found 30 local churches ready again to distribute the aid to the needy families.

In the past years we’ve given aid to hundreds of families, and many of them have been touched by the help and the friendship from our partners. Many of them have decided that they want to know more about Christianity.

preparation with partners

Winter has started in Albania, nights are bitter cold, and fire wood and electricity have gone very expensive. What a blessing that our families will receive royal food-parcels so they can spend their little money on urgent matters. And more important, they will have their friends from the local churches share also the gospel of forgiveness and Love from our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Your prayers are highly appreciated, as well as any support you want to give to our organisation, so we can continue to do our work:

Share the Gospel Of Jesus Christ, Break the circle of poverty and impossibilities
and to make our activities contribute to the churches as body of Christ.

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300 Families Receiving Help For Winter
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One thought on “300 Families Receiving Help For Winter

  • 12/12/2016 at 22:19

    This is very good news; may God give you all the strength and wisdom you need to complete this huge task.

    I like the idea of 30 local churches getting involved; the significance of this may go beyond this particular project. Let us pray that longer term engagement with our broader objectives comes out of this.



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